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Build and Customize Your Putting System

New Options for 2020

4 ft. Extender Insert

8ft. Platform Becomes 12 ft.

10 ft. Platform Becomes 14 ft.  

Add-on Putting Pad

Add-on putting turf reduces the putting speed to Stimp 9

Advantage Trainer Series

Putting systems - 8 ft. to 14 ft.
Made balls are held in the ball corral. The tray holds up to 12 balls to be returned via the return channel.
Putting Systems with Ball Corral

Putting Systems with Ball Corral


Advantage Champion Series 

Putting systems - 8 ft. to 14 ft.
Continuous putting provides an arcade effect with the auto-return spring via the return channel.  
Putting System with Auto-return Spring

Putting System with Auto-return Spring


Configuring your putting system

Select the “Product Calculator” under the unit with the preferred ball return mechanism.
Once on the product page select the options. 
Note:  4 ft. Extender snaps in or out providing two platform lengths.
Step 1 – Select the 8 ft. platform or 10 ft. platform - 10 ft platform Adds $200.00
Step 2 - Select 4 ft. Extender insert.  8 ft.&12 ft. or 10ft.& 14 ft.  - Adds $400.00. 
Step 4 – Optional Add-on putting pad commercial turf - Adds $125.00
Step 5 – Complete all options before going back to make changes. Changes will update the pricing.  

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