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10ft. - 14ft. Advantage XL Platform

PPxXL-10-STD FV 1500x844
Front view of 10ft. Advantage XL Trainer system. Featuring the putting green’s fast-smooth surface and ball return system.

Advantage XL Trainer

A 10ft. 2pc or14ft. 3pc modular platform connects with dowels and aviation latches. Features Include continuous putting and a fast-smooth surface.        

Starting @ $895.00

PPxXL10-LM FV 1500x844.png
Front view of Advantage XL Trainer system. Featuring the putting green’s fast-smooth surface and auto-return ball system.

Includes Premiere Package 

The Premiere Pkg. is a bundle of popular features when practicing and entertaining:  

  • Auto-return ball spring

  • Low-density laser

  • Matching footstand.         

Premiere package includes T- top foot Stand/storage been storage low density, laser and auto-spring ball return

Starting @ $1095.00

Matching Training Aids for Speed and Accuracy 

Putting channel - training aid for posture, ball take away, and putt-line accuracy.
Putting Channel

Hardwood crafted training aid for releasing the ball square to the hole. Focus on three areas of putting. Alignment on the putting shaft, 70 degrees, Squaring the putter head at contact, and delivery a smooth pendulum swing.

Sale Price $150.00

Putting Channel
Studio & Video
Putting Channel and  low-density laser
Putting channel kit with low-density laser.

Starting @ $200.00

High-density laser opt laser stand
Advantage XL putting system with two putting stands.

Starting @ $150.00

Speed ramp and Stimpmeter

Starting @ $95.00

Subscribers - 15% OFF

Putting Studio and Video Options 

Blast golf video putting training app
Putting Studio 

Provoto provides matching décor for all your putting fixtures. A bag for keeping the putters from training to putting green. The Optional sign holder keeps score card, training sheets, and iPad easy access. The second footstand extends the area of putting focus start positions.

  • Putting bag and Stand, opt. Sign holder

  • Blast Golf - Video - training app 

  • 2nd footstand/T-top footstand/storage 

Putter bag/stand, opt. sign holder
Bag/stand for putters with optional iPad holder

Starting @ 95.00

Subscribers - 15% OFF

Blast Golf  video - training app 
Blast Golf retail box and video display

Starting @ 150.00

Subscribers - 15% OFF

2nd footstand, opt. T-top-storage 
Putting system includes 2nd foot stand, and the bag/stand holder.

Starting @ 150.00

Subscribers - 15% OFF

Putting Pad

Add-on Putting Pad

Advantage Trainer System indoor putting green. Featuring a fast smooth surface plus Add-on putting pad.
Easily becomes a second putting green

Putting pad offers an alternative painting surface with industry-standard putting mat material.  Stimp speed of 10; the speed of most golf courses set up for daily play. The add-on putting pad lays over the primary surface and utilizes the platform features of the adjustable surface, return channels for wayward balls, and hole reducers. $175.00 add-on option

Advantage Trainer System indoor putting green. Featuring a fast smooth surface plus Second add-on putting pad.

Add-on Putting Pad

Sale Price $100.00

Training Games for Practicing and Entertaining 

Match-Putt Game, Ryder Cup Format

Match-Putt game winners in Fort Wayne CC tournament.

Free Download - Match-Putt Game and tournament bracket score sheets.

OnePuttZone Advantage

OnePuttZone Advantage basic worksheet sample
Free Download 
Included for perfecting Putt-line Accuracy

Worksheets tracking performance of repetitive routines for improving, repairing and maintaining putting accuracy.

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