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Personal Add-on Accessories 


 Premiere Package

Premiere Pkg
Auto-Shag Ball Return Kit
Low Density Laser and Plaque
IPG-Laser Module kit 1200x800.jpg
T-top Foot Stand and Storage
IPG-Foot Stand w Boarder 600x400.jpg
Travel and Storing 

Two custom sturdy Denier travel bags for taking your putting system on road.  Bags take up a 1’x 2’ floor space for storing your putting system for off-season or parties.  .

IPGx-2 pc All In One bag kxk.jpg
IPG-2 pc bag set 500x500 white .jpg
2pc bag set

2 pc. Travel Bag Set

Putting Pad

Add-on Putting Pad

Easily becomes a second putting green

Putting pad offers an alternative painting surface with industry-standard putting mat material.  Stimp speed of 10; the speed of most golf courses set up for daily play. The add-on putting pad lays over the primary surface and utilizes the platform features of the adjustable surface, return channels for wayward balls, and hole reducers. $175.00 add-on option

MSRP $200.00

RNR with PP.jpg
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