IPG-14-LM in hitting bay 1200 x 600.jpg


Precision    Putting     Platform

IRC-10-LM-SS inmotion of Speed stick 800

         Speed Stick & Adjustment Knobs Provide an Accurate Putt Line

adjustment knob on light gold background

"Dial-In" A Putt Line

Improving the putting matrix of head alignment, tempo and distance using adjustment knobs and level for dialing in a putting surface, the laser’s putt line, and speed stick to ensure path line to the hole; is  the baseline for practicing on a precision putting platform extending the putting lesson to putting perfection

Extendable Putting Platform

The Extendable Putting Platform is a 12' or 14’ by 14” platform or removing the 4’ extended insert converts it to a 8' or 10’ platform. The High-Tech design connects each piece with dowels and aviation latches for a snap-in/out assembly for moving, travel and storage.

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