NEW!! Extendable Putting Series 

Provoto's Performance Just Got 4 ft. Longer

Extendable Putting Series - Online

8 ft. Platform Becomes 12 ft. 

10 ft. Platform Becomes 14 ft. 

The Extendable putting systems provide instant feedback as the ball releases from the putter’s head on to a fast-smooth putting surface, Stimpmeter 12 to 14. Continuing down a putt line that can be fine tune for straight putts or breaking putts that fade as the ball approaches the hole.

The 4 ft. Extender snaps in and out of the Advantage Trainer and Champion series. Release the Aviation toggle latches on each side of the putting platform, insert the Extender, and reattach the latches and you have added 4 ft. to your putt line.

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