Olympian New Platform Design

Putting Entertainment & Practice Center 
Patented Integration Design

A new generation putting systems with “state of the art” innovation in Design, Features and Function.

Bringing the passion of golfers indoors for FUN and Entertainment while Honing

their putting skills. 

Custom Putting Pads

Slower of the two is a carpet simulates Stimpmeter speed of 8+ and for the elegant faster material, simulates Stimpmeter speed of 12, the  putting surface is covered with Iwan Simonis billiard cloth - manufacturer establish in Belgium in 1680.


Custom putting pads allow you to have the option of different putting board surfaces for different stimp speed simulations or for your favorite material and/or color. See Set up Guide

Level the playing field

The level is an important piece in setting up your personal settings, making changes and creating competitive games and practice drills.  Down load our score/drill sheets to find your sweet spot and track your improvement.  


Changing the slope and hole sizes effortlessly become an important part of a total system. Two finger adjustment of a single knob and the seamless roll of the ball over the 2” and 3” hole reducers offer nine combinations of slope and hole sizes.

Test Drive - Match-Putt Game - Path to Putting Perfection

The Olympian was created to challenge golfers at every level of ability with our patent pending, custom putting pads, configurable putting surface and sculptured putting holes.


 Personalize the settings for entertainment and practice.  Play new and competitive games like Match-putt Game and personalize drills and track repeated work your success with  Path to putting perfection or  create your own games and drills with all the new features. 

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