Olympian VIP Entertainment Center

Winning Features Built for Success

                  Provoto’s next generation putting green is an

        elegantly designed hardwood platform creating new

standards for practicing and playing golf indoors.

Two Putting Surfaces for Accurate Feedback

Putting surfaces are interchangeable pads to hone in on a specific putting response. Included are the Pro-Roll poly foam and billiard fabric for a manicured tournament style, Stimp 13, and standard industry turf, Stimp 10. Upon request, putting surfaces with logos, special materials and markings can be made.

Designed for Practice and Entertainment

Nine different configurations provide an “indoor putting range” for selecting a personal preference setting. Reducing repetition by changing the putt line for speed and control when practicing while creating challenging games by changing the degree of difficulty for each hole.

Innovation Thru Features and Function

The cabinetry supports a free-flowing putting surface for changing hole sizes and creating breaking putts with a simple two finger twist. The accurate putt line platform provides continuous putting by returning all balls after each shot enhancing the real time putting experience.

Built with Decor Lasting for Generations

The Olympian hardwood cabinetry is built to last for generations and can be handed down through families. Offering patented pending “Rock N’ Roll” auto-ball return for wayward balls and hand-crafted foot stand with lockable storage.

Olympian is a money maker!

Len Faulkner is involved with many fund raising tournaments, including the NFL Alumni for Veterans at Pebble Beach each year.

"The players had a great time at the hospitality suite with our Match-Putt tournament." Len tells us while honing in his putting skills,  "there are many tournaments and other  events that could take advantage of Olympian's fund raising ability where there is a event with 50 or more participants." 

Download the Olympian VIP product sheet

Provoto offers special programs for PGA alliances and corporate accounts. To receive a PASSWORD and learn more about our PRO-AM section, send us a message or Call/Text 408 712-0561 for details. 

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