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Path to Putting Perfection

The Path to Putting Perfection improves alignment and consistency by a set of specific drills that can be replicated on an indoor putting green and golf course putting green. While in the comfort of your home or office, practice a set of instructional drills for your personal success by monitoring alignment, tempo, and the putt line. Integrate these skill sets practiced indoors to the golf course putting green by using the same drill criteria around the putting hole. The objective is to increase the area, Drop-Zone, around the pin that you can achieve an 80% success referred as the "Must make putt" area. 

Example: Making a 2 ft. putt under pressure is easy because you feel confident.  Making a 5 foot putt, not so much. Practice your success by keeping track of made putts at each length until your making 80% of your putts at 4 feet and then 5 feet.  Does this mean you will make every putt from 4 feet, no, but you will feel more confident about making 5 foot putts under pressure. This also works from longer distances when you increase your percent of made putts from longer distances, you’ll feel more confident when faced with the longer putt. 

The Drop-Zone focuses on building confidence while under pressure by “repetition of positive feedback”.  Your indoor putting green is your putting-range that is available to replicate what you are practicing on the golf course putting green.  Track your improvement as you increase the size of the Drop-Zone. 
The Drop-Zone is the area around the pin where the player expects to make 80% the putts.  Find your Putt-Drop Zone by setting up drills and marking down your score card. Keep the score sheets and over time see the improvement. 
Work sheets use Porvoo’s putting nine settings for monitoring alignment, tempo, and putt line accuracy. Score sheets will be effective on any putting green that has multiple hole options, distance and breaks.   

Free Download - Path to Putting Perfection

Three Steps for the Path to Putting Perfection

Provoto’s patented design simulates nine different combinations of alignment, pace and putt line. Creating  a personal profile with a set of drills will test your putter with proficiency and give you instant feedback. 


Step 1


Replicate the same number of putts for each setting; 10 putts x 9 holes would be 90 putts.  Mark down the number made next to the number attempted. Making 8 putts out 10 would give you a rating of 80%.  You will quickly see where you are having the most success and where you need to practice. 

Step 2


Take the work sheet to your instructor/PGA Pro to review your results. Technology and instructor will help you in creating your personal profile. With the help of your instructor, mark down the following areas that need the most attention, (Rating each function 1 to 10, 1- least -10 – most).

Drop-Zone work sheets list the following categories:

Tempo – smoothness – Having a smooth back & forth swing and follow through

Consistency and control – Develop Confidence through Consistency and control

Alignment & club head position – Review the body and club head alignment

Putt line – push, pull & pace – keeping the club head square at contact is critical.

Step 3


Practice – Practice – Practice! PGA Pros devote hours of their daily schedule to practicing putting.  Many find the Provoto putting systems are great because they are designed to be a complete putting range in less than 40 sq. ft. and can be set in a convenient location closer to your daily life style.  Accessibility is a major factor in the success with any improvement program. Having the right putting platform to improve your putting is essential to the path to putting perfection.

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