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Customize your System with Advanced Training Aids

Advantage Trainer Putting System

Made balls are held in the ball corral. The tray holds up to 12 balls to be returned via the return channel.

8 ft. to 14 ft. Putting Studio with Ball Corral

Advantage Champion Putting  Studio

Continuous putting provides an arcade effect with the auto-ball return spring and return channel.  

8 ft. to 14 ft. Putting Studio with Auto-return Spring


Configuring your putting studio

Product price above is for 8 ft.,  10 ft. Platform - Add $100.00

Select the "Product Calculator" button. Select the product options by adding or deleting  items listed below 

Select different options and the price will reflect the new configuration.

4 ft. Extender for platform

8 ft. becomes 12 ft. 

10 ft. becomes 14 ft.  


Putting Channel Training Aid

Develop Instant Feedback 

Reinforce the Putt Line 


Blast Golf Mobile App

Real time online analysis

Developing Matrices


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