4X Stand Up Tan Caddie Bag

Caddy 4/U sunday bag without stand.  The bag is detachable from the black universal vertical stand with Shepard’s hook at the top and foot pedal with three prongs on the bottom.

  • Product Details

    Approach Bag:

    600 -1000 Denier canvas bag 29” with wrap-around pocket.

    5 ½” diameter opening at top and 6" solid insert in bottom  

    Includes D–Ring


    Bag is shipped in a padded envelope flat fee of $7.95

$39.95 Regular Price
$19.95Sale Price
Shoulder Strap-10.00 Dual 2 N 1 strap-16.00
Add 1-4 Words -13.50
Add Design Number + 15.00
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