4X Stand Up Tan Caddie Bag

$39.95 Regular Price
$19.95Sale Price

Caddy 4/U sunday bag without stand.  The bag is detachable from the black universal vertical stand with Shepard’s hook at the top and foot pedal with three prongs on the bottom.

Shoulder Strap-10.00 Dual 2 N 1 strap-16.00
Add 1-4 Words -13.50
Add Design Number + 15.00
  • Product Details

    Approach Bag:

    600 -1000 Denier canvas bag 29” with wrap-around pocket.

    5 ½” diameter opening at top and 6" solid insert in bottom  

    Includes D–Ring


    Bag is shipped in a padded envelope flat fee of $7.95

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