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Champion (DIY) Platform

Champion (DIY) Platform

PriceFrom $486.50

Champion series provides a 6ft., insert extends to 10 ft., putt line with slope settings from 0% to 1%. Providing continuous putting with auto-return spring back via the return channel. The putting track integrates with the Putting Center or can be a stand-alone system by adding a foot stand. The optional 4ft. insert snaps in like a leaf for a dining room table.

The Advantage Series meets and exceeds the challenges of indoor putting by incorporating “State of the Art” features providing the most amount of fixability in a limited amount of space.

  • Keeping Indoor putting fun and challenging by incorporating a smooth putting surface and Laser Module creating a putt line for instant feedback, precision settings with the twist of a knob and a platform that can be easily modified for club head speed with different hole sizes providing the ability to have competitive games and develop criteria for practicing technics.
  • Continuous putting by returning each made ball with an auto ball return mechanism. The Competitor returns all putts after each shot via the return channel on either side of the putting surface.
  • The handcrafted Acres finish is aesthetically pleasing to a room décor as a permanent fixture or easily disassembles for storage and travel.

Accessories include 2 in. & 3 in. hole reducers, 8 in. torpedo level, 9 in. billiard brush, Match-Putt game and Path to putting Perfection work sheets.

Optional add-on at purchase:

Upgrade to 10 ft. model - $125.00

Add-on putting pad Forest green putting turf, simulated 9 plus 2 in.& 3 in. inserts - $125.00

Note: The forest green putting turf can replace the billiard fabric as a special order – no additional charge. Specify your preference in the personalize message box.

2 pc Travel bag set – $175.00

Lg. Foot Stand - $75.00

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