Champion Unique Video App

Champion Unique Video App

Putting platform with auto-return spring ball return laser kit, XL foot stand and Blast Golf video training app.

  • Design Your Putting Studio

    Select 8 ft. or 10 ft. (Add $100) – Choose between an 8 ft. or 10 ft. putting platform. Selecting the 10 ft. model will add $100.00 to the purchase price.

    4 ft. Extender Platform Add $200 - 4 ft. Extender provides two platform lengths.  8 ft. (8 ft. or 12 ft.) - 10 ft. (10 ft. or 14 ft.) Selecting the 4 ft. Extender will add $200.00 to the purchase price.

    Select Putting Channel (Add $100.00)Putting Channel is a hardware training aid that reinforces Aim–Direction –Tempo. Selecting Putting channel will add $100.00 to the purchase price.

    Select Blast Golf App (Add $100.00) Complete swing & stroke solution mobile app providing real time review of swing metrics. Selecting Blast Golf App will add $100.00 to the purchase price.


  • Specifications:

    Advantage, with Auto-return Spring, is handcrafted hardwood platform with Acres finished and pre-assembled in modular pieces ready to snap together. Multiple settings are provided for floor and personal requirements. Base system includes laser module, magnetic plaque, matching foot stand, 27” x 17” with removable top and storage area,  2” and 3” hole reducers, 9” torpedo level, billiard brush, set-up guide, and scores sheets for Match-Putt and Path to Putting Perfection. Continuous putting is provided with an auto-return spring returning each made ball via the platform’s return channel.

8ft. or 10ft. - Add $200.00
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