Chocolate Brown Bag - Black Pocket without Stand

Chocolate Brown Bag - Black Pocket without Stand

A Chocolate Brown Approach bag with matching embroidered logo on the black collar. The black 360-degree pocket can be personalized, see SAY IT YOUR WAY page, with name, message, logo, or a monogram from the DESIGN IMAGES page.  The bag can be attached to any Provoto universal vertical stand. This bag is not recommended to be used as a regular golf bag without a Provoto stand.

  • Product Details

    Approach Bag:

    The Approach bag & stand carries the clubs primarily used from fairway to green when you leave the golf cart or walk executive golf courses. The 600 -1000 Denier canvas bag 29” with wrap-around pocket.

    5 ½” diameter opening at top and 5” solid insert in bottom  

    Includes D–Ring


    Universal vertical stand:

    Black 5/16" steel shaft, 5/16" steel ring, & 5/16" foot pedal and legs.

    Top's handle, “Shepard’s hook”, with a sculptured finger grip.

    Bottom has a reinforced foot pedal with three legged prongs.   


    Shipping dimensions:

    Shipping box is 40”x 8”x 6” charged as dimensional weight.

    FedEx ground for a single unit …………….20.00.  

PriceFrom $39.95