Tan Caddie Bag + Options, Stand and Cup Holder

Tan Caddie Bag + Options, Stand and Cup Holder

The tan and black Caddie bag with cup holder, netting and large pocket carries the clubs primarily used from fairway to green when you leave the golf cart or walk executive golf courses. “Cup to Go” holds your drink on the fairway, putting green or driving range. Personalized by selecting add-on boxes for shoulder strap, embroidered name and design. Select “No xxx or Add xxx” for all add-on options. The price will reflect the new configuration. Changes in add-ons will update the price. Once you have made your selections, fill in the required information in the text box and click the “Add to Cart” to complete your order.

  • Product Details

    The long-lasting Denier canvas bag, material used for awnings, has netting around the top, zipper pocket for valuables and a large pocket for light storage that can be personalized with embroidery. One-piece black steel shaft, 5/16" steel rod 39” long. The top has a sculptured finger grip handle and “Shepherd’s hook” shape to hang on golf cart bag. The 5 ½” diameter steel ring holds the detachable bag. The foot pedal makes it easy to stick the three-legged prongs into the ground keeping clubs visual and accessible.

  • Save with Master Pack Shipping

    Shipping Box Dimensions and Charges:

    Shipping box is 40”x 8”x 5” charged as dimensional weight.

    FedEx ground 1 pc. ……..18.95.


    2 pc. Shipment - 11.47 ea. .... 22.95

    3 pc. Shipment - 8.98 ea. ..…..26.95

    4 pc. Shipment - 6.73 ea.  ….. 26.95


    Ordering multiple units with different configurations:

    Larger quantities would have reduced per unit shipping changes. Orders may be placed by phone, email or text. Mix and match model numbers plus specify the quantity and color. If embroidery is included, provide the letters or words in bold or script and/or Design number. You will receive an invoice for approval and a secure payment link.  Include Name, shipping address, email and phone number. Any questions call/text: 408 891-8601