8' and 10' Ball Corral Putting System with Putting Pad

8' and 10' Ball Corral Putting System with Putting Pad

The Trainer Series comes in 8 ft. and 10 ft. lengths, add $150.00 for 10 ft., and extended foot stand, 27”x 17” with removable Forest green carpet top and storage area.  The Ball-catch/corral collects up to 12 balls, rack billiard style and returned via the ball-return channels. The putting surface is a composite of poly foam and Bottle green billiard fabric simulating a Stimpmeter range between 12-14. Accessories Includes Laser module, Add-on putting pad, 2” and 3” hole reducers, billiard brush and 9” Torpedo level.

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  • Specifications:

    The handcrafted platform and foot stand are pre-assembled made of American oak with 45 degree locked mitered “tongue and groove” corners. Acres finished putting platform is 8’ x 13” or 10’ x 13” made up of a 2-piece modular system connected by dowels and toggle latches. Three inline pedestals support the platform on 1 ½ degree slope allowing the platform a “Rock N’ Roll” motion for returning wayward balls back in the channel on either side and an adjustment knob for configuring straights putts plus right and left breaking shots. The designer putting surface simulates a Stimpmeter of 12-14. The Add-on putting pad lays on the putting surface to provide a commercial turf simulating Stimpmeter of 8-9

    Ships FedEx Ground, home delivery:

    8 ft.  Putting platform box – 52”x 14”x 9” weight 37lbs.


    10 ft.  Putting Platform box – 62”x 14”x 6” weight 41 lbs.

    Putting Pad Box  60” x 12” x 2”  weight 12 lbs.

    2 pc Travel bag box 12”x 12” x 6”  weight 8 lbs.

    Foot Stand box– 28”x 18”   weight 15 lbs.

PriceFrom $1,106.25