Trainer XL Putting Platform + Add-on Putting Pad

Trainer XL Putting Platform + Add-on Putting Pad

Trainer XL platform provides continuous putting with a ball catch corral holding up to 12 balls and returning via the return channel. Putting platform provides a 10 ft. or 12 ft. putt line for supporting most training aids. The Add-on putting pad lays on the putting surface providing a slower turf, Stimpmeter of 8-10.

  • Specifications:

    The hardwood modular sections are attached with dowels and aviation latches. The putting surface has a refined fast-smooth putting surface made of billiard fabric and poly composite for a precise putt line. Pedestals support the platform including six adjustment knobs offering multiple settings for the floor and putt line settings. The base system includes a foot stand, 23” x 15”, 2” and 3” hole reducers, 9” torpedo level, billiard brush, set-up guide, and scores sheets for Match-Putt and Path to Putting Perfection.

$1,245.00 Regular Price
$933.75Sale Price
12ft. or 14ft. - 14ft. Add $200.00
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