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Olympian is a money maker!

Len Faulkner is involved with many fund raising tournaments, including the NFL Alumni for Veterans at Pebble Beach each year.

"The players had a great time at the hospitality suite with our Match-Putt tournament." Len tells us while honing in his putting skills,  "there are many tournaments and other  events that could take advantage of Olympian's fund raising ability where there is a event with 50 or more participants." 

Beautiful indoor putting green

Provoto’s patented platform is designed for creating repeatable breaking putts in specific increments from straight to 4” on either side of the cup.

Selecting the putt line for

A Winning Platform  for AIM-DIRECTION-SPEED

Controlling Ball SPEED

Two putting pads are provided for controlling ball speed on breaking putts. Prevents slower balls from falling off the putt line and faster missed balls extending well past the pin.

Olympian VIP Series Features 
"Variable Insert Platforms"

Handcrafted Cherry Wood, Ebony, Gray Elm and Walnut hardwood cabinets

 Prices include shipping and installation

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