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Product Review: New Advantage personal putting platform.

Updated: 2 days ago

Provoto’s Patented Pro-Roll fast smooth putting surface on the arcade style continuous putting has been winning the hearts of golfers since 2010.

The new 8ft. full-featured putting platform is sized for limited floor space found in pro shops, homes, and offices. Designed for correcting, improving, and maintaining core putting fundamentals. Challenging features are more fun for entertainment and relaxation with the 2in. & 3in. hole reducers plus optional accessories.

Steve Guynes – February 2024

“There is no doubt in my mind that Provoto makes the best putting platform in the industry. I bought my first one, an Advantage model, in 2015 and it changed me from a so-so putter into a very solid putter. I retired and bought a golfing vacation home in another state, but left my Provoto at our home in Texas so I could practice on it when there.The more time I spent out of state, the more I missed my Provoto putting platform, so I bought a second one, the XL model in Fall 2023, and it is fantastic to practice with. I have owned 3 or 4 other types of putting aids, but none of them really helped me very much and they were cheap looking.I really like both of my Provoto units, and do not have a favorite. I had room for a longer platform at my vacation home so I bought the 14 ft XL platform, where my Advantage platform is 8 feet long, which is a very good length to practice with. I can take a section out of my 14 foot XL unit and make its length about the same as my Advantage if I want to.”

Pros and Cons

Golfers play golf for a lot of different reasons and putting for many is often seen as a necessary evil. Terms liked "Good Good" and " Good inside the leather" are often used to speed up the round. Many players who play in leagues and tournaments, find having a precision putting platform for improving their core putting fundamentals as a secret weapon on the golf course and at home playing games like the Match-Putt game when entertaining with family and friends.

Next Steps:

Many customers are upgrading the platforms they have enjoyed over the years with the features of the new Advantage, Advantage XL, and Pro Trainer.


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