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Our PGA pro introduced me to the system back in 2016 and I was hooked..........

Our head pro introduced me to the system back in 2016 and I was hooked. I averaged between 36-40 putts per round with a conventional grip and poor fundamentals........ 


Started experimenting with left-hand low after being fitted with a new putter style and the repetition on the Advantage system cleaned up the poor fundamentals and created confidence never before seen.....


Use the advantage 4-5 days per week for 30-45 minutes as relaxation and practice. 29-32 putts per round on average now.......

I have a friend who also purchased the system on my recommendation and he and his kids love the activity time together/practice for him.


Posted a lot of poor scores due to poor putting in my first 40+ years of golfing, now approaching 60 years old, everything else is more challenging but the putting now remains consistent and solid. Your equipment is outstanding, and I recommend it to all that come to my home office and inquire about it.

Thank you!

Todd L.

Golf Channel in April 2010
Provoto launched their precision putting platform on the Champians tour April 2010

OnePuttZone™ Advantage

Practice on your time, your way

Practicing drills of tempo and speed on a reliable surface will provide accurate feedback and improve consistency on the putting green.   


The OnePuttZone™ Advantage worksheets separate the putting stroke into elements that can be measured by implementing success criteria, therefore, assuring an accurate putting stroke when training your eyes on reading the putting green. 


Putting Center (DIY)

Putting Studios are becoming popular from off-golf academies to home golf theaters. Provoto’s wide range of sizes offers the widest range of real-time putting solutions.

Match-Putt Game

Match - Putt photo 8 x 10.jpg

The OnePuttZone™ Advantage

ONE-PUTT ZONE with description 8x10 .jpg

Advanced Putting Features

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  • Patented "Rock" plataform

  • Continuous Putting 

  • Designer "Roll" Putting surface

  • Multiple configurations

  • Aesthetically Pleasing finish

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