Design The Perfect Putting Center

Make Putting More FUN On A Winning Platform

Build A Precision Putting Center

Select a putting appliance for simulating variable putt lines. 


Select the location  

Measure the area for your a putting center

 Diagram is for a 8' x 12' putting center

DIY labor  and Material Cost - $250.00

2 ea. 2”x 6” 12’ framing lumber

2ea. 2”x 6” 12’ framing lumber

4ea. 2”x 4” x 8’ framing lumber

2ea. 4’x 8’ plywood sheathing

1ea. 12’ x 6’ carpet1/8” knap 

Select your equipment

Advantage - Laser putt line 10' and 14'
Pro Trainer - Selecting breaking putts 0% - 4%

Putting mats for variables speed and graphics

Design your putting Center

Single putting system and putting mat 6'x 10' 
Dual Lag putt and variable putt & mat. 8' x 12'
Dual Ext. lag and variable putt & mat. 10'x 16' 

Putting it all together


Create a teaching and practice regimen with all the options