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Amazon's Customers give the Approach bag a 5 start review with 100% reviewed.  

ByE.W.on December 20, 2011 - Perfect

I got this for myself, because a lot of times I wind up walking between shots. So, I needed something to carry a few of my clubs. But I even carry up to 6 clubs now, so I don't need to go back often to the cart. The nice thing is it stands upright, so you can keep everything dry and clean. However, I sometimes have heard time sticking it to the ground, but then use my foot to put my weight on it. Three prongs make it easy to do so. The strap is a little too long for me, so I'm thinking to cut it shorter. Makes easier around green, where you can't take a cart. I like it a lot, so we are getting one more as gift for our friend.

ByJames Sundermanon January 10, 2013 - Golf Caddy Bag

This bag was ordered for my wife. She absolutely "LOVES" it because she can carry several clubs up to the green and not have to place the clubs on wet grass early in the morning.

ByFootHilleron August 24, 2011 - A winner

I've used a two-prong bag for my short game clubs for several years. The prongs on it bent and two weren't always enough to hold the bag up. The three prongs on this bag are perfect. I also like the construction better.

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