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Todd Kolb

Todd Kolb Golf Academy

Reviewed 2014 on TV USGolf reviews the Advantage and Champion putting systems. 

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The Independent Golf Reviews website reviews our 8 ft. Advantage Traveler Putting Green

14 Year Anniversary of Provoto Putting Systems

Blast from the past

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Provoto Golf Channel Demo

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"All I can say is wow," Says Alan Newman
"Wayne made what was the best even better."

A message from Alan Newman

About 5 or 6 months ago I purchased an eight-foot Advantage XL from Provoto. When it arrived, I assembled it and was blown away at how well it was constructed and how great it was to practice my putting on. By far and away the best practice putting unit I have ever purchased regardless of price. After using the Advantage XL for a period of time I found little things that I felt could be improved. I gave Wayne Sanders (owner) a call to discuss the improvements I would like to see. Instead of brushing me off we had a very long conversation discussing the improvements I would like. Wayne was very receptive and agreed with what we had discussed. A few of the items we discussed were increasing the size of the foot stand, putting a bevel edge on the accessory putting pad and making it easier to adjust the deck for a left or right break. A few weeks later I received via FedEx an updated Advantage Rock and Roll (new name). All I can say is wow, Wayne made what was the best even better. This is as close to perfect as it can be and to say dealing with Wayne was a pleasure is putting it mildly. He loves his products and as far as I’m concerned would do anything to make it better. If you are looking for something to use to practice your putting, I highly recommend Provoto. Sent from my iPhone

We do the best when we here from our customers

Alan Newman, like many PGA Pros, is passionate about his golf and was looking for a golf presence in a limited space.  Because of his outreach of ideas of improvements to a system he already liked, he gave us a wish list of some changes.  One of the changes he requested is an add-on putting surface that would provide a slower speed to simulate golf course putting greens with a  9 Stimpmeter. 

We created a putting surface that lays directly over the current putting surface and still allows all of the features of the Provoto putting system to be used. 


This has become very popular with training facilities by providing multiple speeds to practice.  

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