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Advantage Putting Systems

Available in 8 ft. & 12 ft. lengths

Adjustable settings from zero to 1%

Platform Features
  • European cabinet construction

  • 4-point uni-rail support on pedestals

  • Support & adjusting knob for the slope.

  • Augusta fast-smooth putting surface.

  • Arcade-style auto-ball return

  • Complete training system

  • Torpedo level and  Billiard brush

  • 3” & 2” hole reducers

Training & Entertainment System
  • OnePuttZone™ Advantage

  • Compatible with most training aids

  • Match-Putt Game, Ryder Cup Style

  • Modular for travel and storage  

  • Eye-pleasing Sporting Décor  

Optional add-ons
  • Low power laser

  • High Tech laser

  • Foot stand with storage

  • Auto-ball spring return

  • Add-on putting mat

Ball catch and return 

Starting @ $695.00

12 ft Trainer System

Ball catch and return 

Starting @ $995.00

8 ft. Champion System

Includes Premiere Pkg*. 

Starting @ $945.00

12 ft Champion System

Includes Premiere Pkg*. 

Starting @ $1245.00

*Champion Premiere Pkg


Add-on Putting Pad

IPG-putting pad 1200x800_edited.jpg
IPG-2 pc travel bags 1200x800.jpg

2pc Travel Bag Set

OPZ Advantage™
Advantage XL Trainer
Advantage XL Champion
Match-Putt Game

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