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Advanced Indoor Putting Greens

Updated: Jul 2

Pro Trainer Putting Studio System

The 9ft and 14ft Pro Trainer studio system are advanced indoor putting greens with an eye-pleasing durable handcrafted finish matching the appearances of golf decor. The fast-smooth putting mat features include zero to 4% breaking putts with repeatable ball-roll accuracy and continuous putting for wayward balls and made balls returning from one of three holes.

Features and Benefits

Advanced indoor putting greens have an adjustable surface and continuous putting challenging all level of players with settings for building consistency. Enjoy entertaining for family and friends plus quality time with relaxing  sessions. Downloadable worksheets measure your progress with OnePuttZone golf putting tips and Match-putt arcade game designed for entertaining while practicing, teaching and training.

Value proposition

Select your practice routines for tempo and speed with a wide range of routines for building consistency and confidence on your time, your way.

Pros and cons of Advanced Indoor Putting Greens

Golfers today have relied on golf course putting greens as a primary source for honing alignment, tempo and squaring the club head to the putt-line. Many find it challenging to improve core putting fundamentals on a putting green that reveals inconsistent results.

Advanced indoor putting greens include features for consistent and accurate feed-back allowing you to correct, improve and maintain core fundamentals faster and easier while having  fun on your time, your way.


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