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12ft. Advantage Trainer System

12ft. Advantage Trainer System

SKU: 8ft-12ft Advantage Trainer
PriceFrom $495.00

12ft. x 13in. handcrafted American oak platform in a dark oak finish plus a matching 25” x 15” footstand.  The three pc.modular platform disassembles with quick release lathes for moving, travel and storage. Ideal for high traffic floor space found in golf club facilities, homes, and offices. Accs. include 2in. & 3in. hole reducers and Torpedo level. Options include: auto-return ball spring, and low density laser. Accept or reject options to receive final pricing.  

Pricing is based on pick-up at Provoto, Llc, Fort Wayne, IN. Shipping charges provided by FedEx ground zones and are subject to change without notice.  The 12 ft. Advantage system is in 5 boxes and charged by dimensional weight of the boxes. Current rates range from $173.76 Zone 1 to  327.11 to west coast. Freight charges are updated monthly and pass on to the coustomer with-out a mark-up.

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