Minimum Space + Maximum Performance = Winning Platform

Patented Putting Tract 
Continuous Putting 
Designer Putting surface
Multiple configurations
Aesthetically pleasing 

Patented Putting Green Simulator:  Patented platform provides the perfect slope for putting and returning balls regardless of uneven floors or carpeting.  Included matching foot stand with carpeted top.   


Continuous putting:  Advantage holed balls are kept in ball corral or Champion II returns balls via spring auto-ball return, and wayward balls are returned down channels on either side of the putting surface.

Designer Putting surface: Exclusive composite of Bottle green billiard fabric and poly foam provide a pure putt line simulating  a fast-smooth tournament green, Stimpmeter of 12. Optional add-on putting pad of industry putting turf with stimpmeter of 9.


Multiple Configurations: Set up a range of channeling putts with the single comfort fit knob providing finger adjustments for a pure straight putt line and breaking shots into 3 different holes sizes. 


Aesthetically pleasing: Dark Acres finish on American oak provide a handcrafted putting platform to match the décor of indoor sport furnishings.   

Provoto's Patented  "Rock N' Roll" Platform

The Rock 

Next generation handcrafted platform includes ball return, multiple platform configurations, and two-piece modular design for travel and storage.​

The Roll

The exceptional putting surface of poly foam and billiard fabric provide accurate feedback of club head alignment, speed and tempo needed from a straight putt line and breaking shots.  

Going Beyond Straights Putts

Provoto’s Olympian platform provides video shows a lesson with a ½ degree right to left breaking putt into the 3 in. hole reducer from 8 ½ ft. The Laser module provides the new putt line.

The Advantage Series and Champion Series share the same patented "Rock N' Roll platform available in 8 ft. and 14 ft.  The platform is supported with three inline pedestals and an adjustment bolt for changing the speed and angle of the platform.  All units come with a foot stand, 2”- and 3”-hole reducers, 9" level and billiard brush. 

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