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Classic Black Bag and Pocket + Stand-up Stand Ribbon

Classic Black Bag and Pocket + Stand-up Stand Ribbon

PriceFrom $84.95

Classic Black bag and 360⁰ pocket attached to Shepherd’s hook stand connecting it to the golf cart bag.  Remove the bag carrying clubs primarily used from fairway-to-green and when walking executive golf courses. The three-prong stand holds clubs vertically next to you and your ball as you approach the green.

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The long-lasting Denier canvas bag, material used for awnings, has a single large wrap-around pocket for light storage and can be personalized with embroidery. One-piece black steel shaft, 5/16" steel rod 39” long. The top has a sculptured finger grip handle and “Shepherd’s hook” shape to hang on golf cart bag. The 5 ½” diameter steel ring holds the detachable bag. The foot pedal makes it easy to stick the three-legged prongs into the ground keeping clubs visual and accessible.

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