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Precision Add-on Accessories

High Tech Wright Laser & Stand

Sale Price $200.00

High Tech Laser & Stand

Wright High tech laser has a dominant path light for identifying the putt--line to the hole. Works in a lighted room and outside on a cloudy day. Includes the Provoto laser stand in a  matching Arcers or Ebony finish.

PT-HT Laser
2nd Foot Stand

Add-on Foot Stand

 An additional foot stand provides multiple locations for putting and attaching training i.e. SAM PuttLAB. The foot stand comes in a  matching Arcers or Ebony finish.

Add-on Foot Stand

Sale Price $150.00

Blast Golf Video App

Sale Price $200.00

Blast Golf Video Training App

Today’s teaching, training, and practicing require the highest level of feedback, as proven by off-green launch monitors. High-tech putting platforms provide accurate feedback of the ball roll from the club head to the hole during which Blast Golf provides the audio and updated metric after each putt.

Blast Golf
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