Pro Trainer Precision Putting Platform

The Pro Trainer is designed for perfecting the putting experience and developing confidence and consistency. 

New for 2021

Available in 9 ft. – 12 ft. – 14 ft. lengths


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Provoto putting platforms are designed for golfers who have a robust practice routine. Providing immediate and accurate feedback of each putt enabling you to perfect the aim and speed for each selection.

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Science & Motion 
Precision Putting Platform

Coined as a mini putt lab because unlike commercial putt labs, it has 80% of the capabilities at 20% the size and cost.

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The Pro Trainer is designed for perfecting the putting experience for developing confidence and consistency. 

Features making playing more fun and practicing faster

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rear view  & Foot stand 6 x 4 V4.png
rear view 6 x 4 V1.png

Built in level for selections  for breaking putts zero - 4%

Auto Return for continuous putting via return ball channel

Fast-smooth putting surface for simulating tournament greens.

New patent pending platform design with Uni-rail pedestals

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