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OnePuttZone™ Advantage

Worksheets for correcting, improving and maintaining core putting fundamentals.

Practice on your time, your way

Train your eyes to read the green. 

On-green drills - Set 5 balls at 10 locations creating a 6ft. circle around the putting hole.

Putt-line accuracy builds confidence 
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Off-green drills - Putt 50 balls on a reliable stable surface to provide accurate feedback.


Use the worksheets to monitor the daily routines for relaxation and practice. Increased consistency provides lower scores by training your eyes when reading the putting green.

Provoto’s customers have found that practicing on a reliable stable surface provides accurate feedback of “Putt-line Accuracy”.

The OnePuttZone™ Advantage

Recreational Golfer

Zero - 3ft.putts @ 90% Probability

Beginning basics starting with 5 to 10 putts per element on some type of putting mat with markings of a putt-line use the worksheets. Golfers who want to focus on posture and swing tempo.

Flyer of Basic Worksheet 

Low Handicapper

3ft.- 6ft.putts @ 90% Probability

 Golfers who practice putting routines of => 100 and more putts per worksheet. The goal is to reach a 90% probability of putt-line accuracy which is critical for training their eyes on reading greens.  

Flyer - Intermediate Worksheet 

Tournament Player

6ft - 8ft. putts @ 90% Probability

 The top-tier golfers and tour pros who play in tournaments want putting routines of 100 putts per element. Multiple worksheets for putt-line accuracy & speed developing straight and breaking putts, 0-3% left to right and right to left drills.  


Flyer of Advanced Worksheet 

Our OnePuttZone™ Story

Over the past 13 years, Provoto has delivered thousands of units to PGA Pros, private clubs, academies, club fitting studios, and top-tier golfers.

I have had the opportunity to interact with hundreds of PGA Professionals. My takeaway, is there are many different options for teaching putting.

Customers agreed that when they played on a reliable fixed surface, were able to put full attention on their putting stroke to the hole and made a much larger percentage of putts. With the confidence of a consistent stroke, it was easier to find the right speed on the putting green.

Provoto created the OnePuttZone™ advantage to have a regimen for reaching your best potential putting off and on the putting green. 

Provoto launched the precision putting platform on the Golf Channel in April 2010
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OnePuttZone™ Worksheets
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