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Olympian VIP Set Up Guide

What you’ll need when getting started


  • Recommend area, 4’ by 11’ dedicated space

  • Putter and 3 + golf balls will be needed for setup & testing

  • Phillips screw driver for installing wooden wings

  • Pliers to tighten the acorn nut

Head Cabinet Casing:

Put the cabinet casing on the floor at the front of the location where the putting system in going to reside.


Front putting Board:

Lay the front putting board on the floor, parallel to the cabinet casing.


Back Putting Board:

Lay the rear putting board on the floor behind the front putting board:


Ball Corral & Rear board mount:

Lay the ball corral behind the rear of the putting board.


2 ea. Putting Pads – Billiard fabric and carpet pads

These go on last and can be put aside until you are ready to place one of the putting pads in place.

Putting the sub-assemblies together:

Start with the front putting board – pick it up, use 2 people if available, and put it in the head cabinet casing connecting the bolt in the front onto the catch behind the front of the cabinet. The back of the putting board will lay on the under carriage brace and adjustment bolt.


At the rear of the back putting board, attach the ball corral & and support mount on the unthreaded 5/16” bolt installed on the back of the rear putting board.  Connect the two putting boards together by sliding the rear putting board and corral up to the back of the front putting board. Attach the two together by placing the dowels in the holes on each side until boards are attached. Open the hinges on each side and loop the connectors then pull the arm until the board is fasten together.


Place the putting pad onto the putting board:


Two putting pads are included to provide different texture and speed.  The billiard fabric putting pad simulates putting on a level surface of Stimpmeter 12 and the carpet covered pad simulates putting on a level surface of Stimpmeter of 8.  We use the term simulated because the putting board has a 1.5-degree slope. When the putting pads are laying on the floor or level surface, the billiard fabric’s actual speed is Stimpmeter 16 and the carpet putting pad on a level surface is Stimpmeter 11. 

Each putting pad has a set of 2” & 3” hole reducers. Select the putting pad and its holde reducesers you want to use first.  Unfold the pad, and starting with the back of the pad, insert the pad onto the top of the putting boards and slide into place.   Custom putting pads with special materials and/or logos are available upon request.


Put the foot stand in place:

Place the foot stand on the right or left side as needed.   Optional foot stands are available for purchase. The foot stand will generally be 1/2” to 1” away from the side of the putting board. The final position will be discussed later.  Keep the key to the foot stand latch in a safe place.  Make a note of the number on the key, so if it is lost,  it can be replaced.


Setting up the putting surface:

First setting should be for a straight putt.  Turn on the digital level and set it for degrees or % of grade. Lay the level on the putting pad diagonally next to the adjustment bolt.   Turning the adjustment bolt, R to L will raise the side until the board is level and the Laser Level registers all zeros.  Check at different spots on the board for consistency.

Test drive:

Note: These settings are for a right handed player. Testing is suggested and personal preference or instructor’s directives would take preference.


Place the balls in the return channel (we recommend 8 to 12 balls during play or practice).  Once all the balls are holed and in the ball corral, place balls back onto the return channel for you next round.


Setting up the foot stand - place a ball on the putting pad slightly left of center of the foot stand.  Place putter behind the ball and hold it into position.  Holding the club shaft at 70 

degrees, adjust the foot stand until you can stand in putting position with the foot stand directly under your feet.


Test the “Rock N’ Roll” feature - place a ball on the putting pad up by the hole.  Standing on the foot stand,  using your left toe,  you want to lightly rock the rail several times until the ball rolls into the return channel and back to the start position. This will be more helpful when using the carpeted putting pad.


Making straight putts – Get comfortable with the speed and your club head release. Check to see if you are pushing or pulling your shots.  The putting green has a straight putt line to the hole. Hitting the ball square at contact guarantees a “holed” ball.  Provoto’s optional Putting Channel may help you square the putter at contact. Go to to Putting Systems, Putting Accessories and you will see the PC at bottom of page on right.


Test your accuracy- Keep your score on 10 shot drills. What is your accuracy?   20%-40%-60%-80+%;  If you are 50% or better, you are ready for the 3” hole reducer.  Repeat with the 2” hole reducer.


Test your skill level – Turn the Adjustment bolt 6 quarter turns R to L.  This will create a 1 degree or 2% R to L breaking shot. Repeat the drills above.  To set for L to R breaking shots, turn adjustment bolt 6 quarter turns back to level plus 6 more to create a L to R break.


Set your own drills – Before you level your Board back to center, mark down the degree setting for the breaks you just practiced to keep consistent with your personal drills or playing games. 


Keep your score each month and see the improvement. Let us know when you make your first 25’+ putt because you could keep the ball on the putt line.  

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