Hardwood putting platform with the ball corral collection and return via the return channel.  The standard model supports training aids or add-on options. 

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IBC-X-STD portrait 400x225.jpg

Putting Platform

Fast-smooth putting platform with slope adjustment knob supports most training aids.  

8 ft. MSRP $695.00

Now $521.25

10 ft. MSRP $895.00

Now $671.25

IBC-X-STD-PP portrait 400x225.jpg

Putting Platform

+ Putting Pad 

Putting platform plus Add-on Putting Pad. Slower turf for practice slower putting greens. 

8 ft. MSRP $895.00

Now $633.75

10 ft. MSRP $1095.00

Now $783.75

Putting System

Putting platform plus laser kit and larger foot stand with removable top for storage.

8 ft. MSRP $845.00

Now $633.75

10 ft. MSRP $1095.00

Now $783.75

IBC-X-LM portrait 400x225.jpg

Putting Studio  Blast Golf APP

Putting platform plus Laser kit, XL foot stand and Blast Golf video training app.

8 ft. MSRP $995.00

Now $745.25

10 ft. MSRP $1195.00

Now $896.25

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