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Blog - Product Review - Finding your Confidence

You’ll never get a second chance to make your first putt.  Improve golf scores by reducing the putts per round.

Precision platform provides repetitive routines revealing poor fundamentals and the ability to experiment with techniques creating newfound confidence.  

Target Audience

“It changed me from a so-so putter into a very solid putter”

There is no doubt in my mind, that Provoto makes the best putting platform in the industry. I bought my first one, an Advantage model, in 2015 and it changed me from a so-so putter into a very solid putter.

The more time I spent out of state, the more I missed my Provoto putting platform, so I bought a second one, the XL model in Fall 2023, and it is fantastic to practice with very good length to practice with.

“My Pro introduced me back in 2016 and I was hooked.”

Started experimenting with left-hand low after being fitted with a new putter style and the repetition on the Advantage system cleaned up the poor fundamentals and created confidence never before seen.

Pro and Cons

Today, most PGA members affiliated with a golf club or training center use the putting greens for practicing. A growing number of golf enthusiasts who play league and tournaments like having an eye-pleasing durable precision platform for practicing, entertaining, and relaxing.

Next Steps

We are all getting older and face a day when drives are getting shorter and improve making putts-made longer.

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