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9 ft. Pro Trainer Precision Platform

9 ft. Pro Trainer Precision Platform

$1,945.00 Regular Price
$1,295.00Sale Price

9ft. Pro Trainer “Precision Platform” has a 2-pc modular platform, 9ft. x 30. A Support knob adjusting the fast-smooth putting surface from zero to 4%. Plus, continuous putting with three holes with a auto return-spring providing continuous ball return for wayward and made balls back via return channel, low intensity laser and T-top foot stand+storage. The Pro Trainer supports most training aids providing a continuous practice regimen. Accessories include 6 adjustment knobs, 2” and 3” hole reducers, billiard brush and 9” level.

Acres - Ebony Finish

Pricing does not include delivery and is FOB Fort Wayne. No charge for will call and includes a two-hour training session.

For deliveries within 800 miles of Fort Wayne, there will be a charge of $500.00 which includes delivery, set up, and extend a two-hour training. There will be a Charge of $500.00 for shipments LTL terminal to terminal nationally a pallet, 65”x 40” x 24”, 160 lbs.  Home deliveries over 800 miles will be made by LTL trucking with a drop gate. Invoices from the LTL trucking company over $500.00 will be charged the invoices amount less the prepaid $500.00, LTL invoices attached. Note, Pallets are charged by size not weight or height. One to four systems would be $500.00 delivered to an LTL terminal.

The 9ft. Pro Trainer pallet is made up of 4-pc that can be removed and easily fit in an full size SUV, Van or pick up. Dimensions are 2 boxes - 65”x 32”x 6”, 1-box 40”x 20” x 6” and 1 box, 9” x 8” x 34.”

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